Futur Simple – Regular Verbs

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How Do I Conjugate Regular Verbs in Futur Simple?

In the distant future, I won’t worry about French anymore! – Some student in grade 9, somewhere

So many verb tenses and so little time…

Today we’re going to talk about how to conjugate regular verbs in Futur Simple in French. If you’re looking for the present tense, or the future proche, passé composé, or the exceptions to passé composé (Vandertramp), follow the links provided.

The future tense refers to what will happen in the future. For futur simple, the timing refers to a general time in the future. It is an absolute necessity to understand how to conjugate this tense, as we use it all the time.

In order to learn how to conjugate these verbs, we have to first learn a little about subjects:

Here are the common subjects in French (for more information, click here):

Je (I)

Tu (You)

Il (He)

Elle (She)

On (We)

Nous (We)

Vous (You/You all)

Ils (They)

Elles (They)

Note: The subject is the thing that does the action in the sentence.

Finally, here are the steps to conjugating these irregular verbs in passé composé:

  1. Take the infinitive of the verb, and don’t change it (unless the verb is an re verb, in which case you remove the “e” at the end of the infinitive)
  2. Add endings depending on the subject

Simple as that.

Step 1 – Take the infinitive of the verb

Marcher, choisir are examples of verb infinitives. If the verb ends in re, you have to remove the “e”, for example, for rendre, it becomes rendr

Step 2 – Add endings depending on the subject

Je -ai

Tu -as

Il -a

Elle -a

On -a

Nous -ons

Vous -ez

Ils -ont

Elles -ont

Examples of verbs conjugated in futur simple:

  1. Conjugate marcher for the subject “elles” in futur simple:

Elles marcheront

  1. Conjugate choisir for the subject “nous” in futur simple:

Nous choisirons

  1. Conjugate rendre for the subject “on” in futur simple:

On rendra

There you have it, how Futur Simple works for regular verbs in French!

Extra help!

Need more practice? Here are some worksheets you can try out as extra practice.

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