French Short Story Assignment, an Outlet for Student Creativity

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What do students love to talk about? Themselves!

Give students the opportunity to do this by giving them a short story assignment. GIve them the freedom to choose a topic of their choice!

Sometimes, they can’t decide…

That’s alright, here’s a list of topics you can give them:

  1. Yourself
  2. A trip you went on with your family
  3. An adventure
  4. A mythical world
  5. An athlete
  6. A celebrity (actor or singer, etc.)
  7. An animal/pet
  8. Ghosts

These general writing rules need to be respected:

  1. Every noun needs a pronoun (le chien, not just chien)
  2. Verbs need to be conjugated depending on the subject (Ex: je mange, nous mangeons)
  3. Adjectives take the gender of the noun they are describing, so for feminine nouns, they usually have an e added (ex: un manteau bleu, une bouteille bleue, un lapin blanc, une robe blanche

Make sure that students separate their story into paragraphs, some students have a tendency to just write one big run-on paragraph.

The paragraphs should be separated by ideas, or setting changes in the story.

Here’s an example for you of the first paragraph of one short story:


Try it. I’m sure the lesson will be fantasque! Bonne chance!

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