A Helpful Project Framework – Make Your Own Story

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Want your students to practice their grammar conjugations while also being able to be creative?

Make a story framework with fill-in-the-blanks that incorporate what you want!

The idea is that you make a story, and the students just have to fill in the details

For example, you make a story about a person that goes on a vacation somewhere and visits a bunch of monuments, and eats at restaurants, and sleeps in a hotel, and takes an airplane, but you don’t specify any of the details, and it is up to students to choose each of these details.

You can then apply it to the French curriculum by making it about a French speaking country of student’s choice.

Also, you can purposely not conjugate any of the verbs in the project, and have students do it.

If you want students to also practice their speaking, as well as their writing, you can have them present the project to you, or to the class!

Try it!

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