Twitter Post Assignment- Integrating Social Media and the French Class

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Want to engage your students with culturally relevant pedagogy?

Try having them make their own twitter post!

You can give them a twitter post template as well, and you can have them fill it out.

The fun in this is that students can pretend to be characters from movies, or tv shows, or whatever they like. The rules for twitter posts have to be followed though. This means that you need to keep to the character limit.

Don’t forget the #! 

You can make this project offline as well, as in, your students do not actually have to post what they have created, you can make the template in a google slide, for example.

This is a great way for students to write short, engaging French sentences. 

Again, if you want to grade this for speaking, you can have students present it to the class, or to you individually.

Here is an example template to help you:

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