Halloween Project – For October

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Ah halloween, the time for costumes and parties.

And also fun French projects!

Here’s one!

You can have students make a 3 course meal, with a drink, but have them all be creepy ingredients!

It is a way for students to practice their French dining vocabulary, but also apply it to halloween. 

Par exemple:

L’apéritif – Les yeux frites avec la sauce du sang (Appetizer – Fried eyes in blood sauce)

Students will find it very fun to create their creepy food! 

Try to have them include these things:

  1. Appetizer
  2. Main course
  3. Dessert
  4. A drink

For each item, have them include at least three ingredients.

If you want students to add more detail, have them explain who the dishes are for, and have it be a halloween monster. For example, they could create these dishes for a zombie, and have  all their dishes be brain and organ themed.

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