Les Trois Boucs Bourrus – A Great Reading Assignment for Students

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It’s important to teach students about French culture. Classic stories like Les Trois Boucs Bourrus (The Three Goats Gruff) are excellent for this.

Reading is an important part of the French curriculum, and in order to read, you have to understand some basic vocabulary (click here) and also, you’ll need to know how to pronounce things (click here)

Because students somewhat already know the story, it helps them with reading comprehension as well.

The site that I promote is called fablecottage.com It is an amazing source for French stories, and it also contains the English translations! This helps students even more with their reading comprehension.

What I like to do is to write questions related to the story in order of the story, and then have students try to answer them without using a translator.

The questions are written in such a way as to lead students to the answer (I purposely have the same phrasing in the questions as in the story to help students)

If you like, you can also give students greater thinking questions if you like (questions related to making inferences about the story)

Here is the link to the story (Les Trois Boucs Bourrus on fablecottage.com):


Bonne Chance!

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