M. Anniversaire – Helping Students Understand French

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Students often struggle with understanding French, especially core French students.

If you want to help students with their listening comprehension, using a story like M. Anniversaire by R. Hargreaves is excellent!

I really like M. Anniversaire, since the topic is really simple.

There are many pictures in the book, and the writing is very simple. 

Source: chapters.com

This helps students that struggle with understanding, as they can use the pictures to help them.

If you want to help students understand even more, read very slowly, and translate after every sentence.

To test student’s comprehension, give them a few simple questions for them to listen for. It is easier if you write the questions in English for core students, though you can write them in French as well in the same phrasing as the story. This will help students to listen for the answers.

If you want to convert the listening assignment to a writing assignment, try having students continue the story, or write a paragraph about it!

Try it!

Bonne Chance!

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